Hyena – Into The Zone (Dark Industry XIII) out August 28 2014!



Multi-instrumentalist and Ableton Live Certified Trainer Giona Vinti returns with his 2nd album for Dark Industry, work of a true music devotee, who also runs the Rexistenz label from Milan and has made himself quite a name in the industrial scene. The eight tracks of “Into The Zone” invite you on a trip with their cinematic, soundtrack-like structure, blurring the line between track, song (though entirely without vocals) and atmosphere. The beats are mainly very organic, like in the opener “The Cobra Gate”, the other main ingredients are minimal synth melodies, samples (“I Believe In Demons”), the wobble (“Frenzy”), warm basslines (“Old Skull”), rhythmic convolution (“Karma Burning”) or the sheer abyss of darkness (“Into The Zone”). “Back from the Icy World of Nothingness” finishes the album on a lighter, downbeat, vaguely dub-influenced note.
Reminiscent of some post rock albums, yet composed by means of electronic music, “Into The Zone” deserves your attention – and it will grow on you.


releases 28 August 2014

Written & produced by G. Vinti
Mastering by Hyena
Design by DDM


New Atrabile Review on Rumore (February)

Review of Atrabile by Daniele Ferriero on latest issue of Rumore (out now)
Recensione di Atrabile di Daniele Ferriero sull’ultimo numero di Rumore (in edicola ora)

Hyena tracks on latest Ben Harder Show

my latest album Atrabile is out on Dark Industry , published by Noisj.nl:

Ben Harder Show 2.0. The weekly hardcore show by Ben Harder, The Relic, Speakerdeamon, Ebru, Niels and Warchetype.
Broadcast every Tuesday from 8PM – 12AM (GMT+1) at Q-dance Radio.

This last episode of 2012 contains an amazing year mix by Ben Harder himself. This mix showcases the best hard alternative electronic tracks of 2012. Expect industrial hardcore, hard dnb, hard dubstep, crossbreed, acid hardcore, technoid and more. Have fun!

Cubic Nomad – The Day We Left The Earth
Mindwalker – No Epitaphs
Hidden Rooms – Lsd
Hidden Rooms – Soldiers
Stormtrooper – A Feeling Of Power
Hidden Rooms – The Dark
Electronic Mind Expansion – The Downward Spiral
Mindwalker – Apocalypse
Embrionyc – Across The Sea
Embrionyc – The Grave
Cubic Nomad – Eternal Believer
Embrionyc – I’m Leaving The Lights Tonight
The Outside Agency – Forest Children
Fzv – Doom Electro
Toysfornoise Feat. Hidden Rooms – X 50
Cubic Nomad – Revolution Is On
The Peoples Republic Of Europe – Approach (Clipping Mix)
Sinister Souls Feat. Dub Elements – Diablo
The Outside Agency – Godspeed
Sinister Souls – Not Human
Omnicide – Drowning In The Mainstream
The Relic – Humanoid
The Peoples Republic Of Europe – Military Industrial Complex
The Relic – Anti Particle
Mono-Amine – Sloegha
Collision – Solar Synthesis
Mono-Amine – Slowburner
Sei2ure – Shit Controller
Coexsystems – Level Five Experience
Collision – Dreamreactor
Hyena – Civilization Of Death (Animal Liberation Now!)
Fzv – Untitled
Da Goose – Where Shall We Go
Speakerdeamon – Deathwalker
Crocothemis Erythraea (Raum 107’s Dragonfly In A Nosedive version)
Raum 107 – Lucifer – The Entity
Chimera – Death Dealer
Chimera – The Forgotten
Frame of Mind – Jessica Alba
Mindustries – Craftiest Trick
Collision – Omen
Coexsystems – Kali Yuga
Broken Rules – Platinum
Frame of Mind – Lethal Vibes
Lights Off – Only You Can See (DJ Hidden’s Dark Version)
The Outside Agency – The Fabric Of Life
Biomek – Black Sacrament
The Outside Agency – Cautionary Tale
YmB – Kream
Sinister Souls – Natural Selection
YMB – The Sirens
Sei2ure – Hooligan Etiquette
Nano.strike – Empty Places
Toysfornoise – Untitled
Cubic Nomad Feat. Emma Susanne – Save The Planet


Hyena – Atrabile (Dark.Industry) out 7th december 2012

out 7 dec 2012

Hyena signed with Dark Industry (sublabel of Dark.Descent and marketed by Noisj) for the release of Atrabile , a new full lenght album of dark thick sonic exploration through rhythm and melody.

The album is due out the 7th december 2012 but the good guys at Noisj.nl put up a 2 tracks preview and the ability to preorder the album.

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