Hyena Live in Cascina Torchiera 2015 – Video by URSSS.COM

the great guys at URSSS.COM documented my last performance in Cascina Torchiera, a live journey from noise\ambient to post-industrial funk…enjoy:



Hyena – Into The Zone (Dark Industry XIII) out August 28 2014!



Multi-instrumentalist and Ableton Live Certified Trainer Giona Vinti returns with his 2nd album for Dark Industry, work of a true music devotee, who also runs the Rexistenz label from Milan and has made himself quite a name in the industrial scene. The eight tracks of “Into The Zone” invite you on a trip with their cinematic, soundtrack-like structure, blurring the line between track, song (though entirely without vocals) and atmosphere. The beats are mainly very organic, like in the opener “The Cobra Gate”, the other main ingredients are minimal synth melodies, samples (“I Believe In Demons”), the wobble (“Frenzy”), warm basslines (“Old Skull”), rhythmic convolution (“Karma Burning”) or the sheer abyss of darkness (“Into The Zone”). “Back from the Icy World of Nothingness” finishes the album on a lighter, downbeat, vaguely dub-influenced note.
Reminiscent of some post rock albums, yet composed by means of electronic music, “Into The Zone” deserves your attention – and it will grow on you.


releases 28 August 2014

Written & produced by G. Vinti
Mastering by Hyena
Design by DDM

Hyena on latest Chase Records compilation

Chase records unluckily ceases activities, but they go out with a BOOM!

massive 3xcd free download featuring great people like Cubic Nomad , Helius Zhamiq , Tzii , Low Entropy just to name a few.

a bangin’ way to finish!

thanks chase!


new Hyena track on Dilated Pupils compilation “Overreaction”

very glad to announce the release of free download comp from Dilated Pupils recs.

in very good company with very good friends. i got a question for you: ARE YOU DOWN WITH THE UNDERGROUND???


Apocalypso Disco – La rave-o-luzione della post techno

Cosa è successo alla musica? Le sotto\contro-culture musicali “giovanili” sono una forma di resistenza sociale? come si rieduca un gabberino? cosa succede se ficchi cento persone in uno scantinato e le bombardi di breaks industriali e bordate di rumore rosa, bianco , marrone, tutto l’arcobaleno del cazzo?
DjBalli si inventa le risposte in questo assurdo, imrpobabile, adorabile libro!
con prefazione di Stewart Home !
p.s.: RXSTNZ ha dato un contributo parlando del concetto di Mutant Dancefloor.
costa poco , vale molto ed è fuori per i tipi di Agenzia X Edizioni , quindi roba seria!