started in early 2000’s as Giona Vinti solo project, a mixture of hardcore techno , jungle , alternative hip hop and dark ambient . came out as a strange industrial breakcore act.

fell in love with synthesizers and sound design .
played gigs, clubs, squatt parties and festivals around italy and europe.

co-founder of Rexistenz Records (RXSTNZ) along with fellow audio criminals pablito el drito, a034, mbst8, manual destruction and opser. active in various sideprojects, both solo and with partners in crime, in particular Eggregora, Fekete and Intensity Gate.

Hyena believes in magick , libertarianism and in love. Firmly against fascism , racism, homophobia, sexism, speciesism, adultism and general stupidity.

honoured to have shared stage with: Winterkalte , Merzbow , Oyaarss , Christoph Fringeli , Anna Bolena , Fire At Work , Bong-Ra , Hecate , Abelcain , Xanopticon , Hypnoskull , V-atak collective , Sandblasting , Daniele Brusaschetto , Zona MC , and many others…