The Last Audiodrome Party on Earth presents: RXSTNZ Mutant Dancefloor


Dear AUDIODROME’s friends, we have Good News and Bad News … Let’s start with the bad news: due to several technical difficulties, this is going to be the last Audiodrome.
But the good news is that is going to end with a bang:
The last Audiodrome on earth will host the whole REXISTENZ crew, one of the best italian underground labels, to please your ears with a long night of obscure, “pre-holocaustic, post electronics” LIVE SETS.
Do you want to know something more about them? would like to thank all the people who collaborated, helped and joined us during this last year of banging parties.
We’d love to have you on the Audiodrome’s dancefloor one more time to party the end of this terrific, noisy adventure.

Mutant Atrists:

– A034 (Deadstep / Hard Breaks)

– HYENA (Dark Breakcore)

– PABLITO EL DRITO (8 Bit Techno)

– OPSER (Psycho-Dubcore)


– MBST8 (armageddon electronica)

– DEGRADE (Hard Breaks)

– DARKAM (Breakcore)

– Grr (Breakcore / U.k. Hardcore)

Kili – Wiesenweg 5_9 – 10365 Berlin
Start at 23.59




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